Crossing the Teklanika River

The Teklanika River, Indian name Athabascan and translates into 'glacier stream", was too swollen for Chris to cross due to the snowmelt from the surrounding mountains. It is a feeder stream to the Yukon River. It flows northward from Cantwell Glacier in the Alaska Range, running 111 miles to the Tanana River and on into Denali National Park. The river braids, has many channels that feed off each other, through several areas including the Primrose Ridge and the Stampede Trail. It ultimately reaches the Tanana River.


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Stampede Trail on a normal day. What a beautiful view.
Hiking the Stampede Trail can be deadly. It is under the management of the Alaska Department of Natural Resources. You should know that you will not get cell phone service past Eight Mile Lake on the trail. If you need to be rescued, the Alaska State Troopers will be your heroes. Yes, you will be held liable for the cost of your rescue, starting at two thousand dollars. It is very cold and wet here even in July. Rivers and streams flow fast and furious and they tend to swell each summer. Deet is the only weapon against the swarms of mosquitoes that live here. Just as Chris was told, you do need a license to hunt moose, caribou and bear and you will be ticketed for poaching if caught.

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Squirrel---------------------------------------------- Grizzly Bear----------------------------------------------- Stampede Trail in the winter