Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in Colorado, and was one of the places where the McCandless family have traveled to. The elevation ranges from 7,500 feet in the grassy valleys to over 14,000 feet to the top of Long's peak. The park expands more than 265,000 acres with 150 lakes, 450 miles of streams, and 350 miles of trail. The park is full of waterfalls, canyons, mountain ranges, meadows, valleys, and much more. There are many wildlife to see throughout the park, moose, horn sheep, marmots, birds, and many more mammals. There is so much to see and do at Rocky Mountain National Park.


At the age of twelve, Chris and his family climbed Long's Peak, the highest summit in the Park, which is at 14,256 feet, but stopped at 13,000 feet elevation because Walt felt it was too dangerous to climb any further. It has been estimated that about 15,000 people try to climb Long's Peak each year, but about only 9,000 people actually make it.
Long's Peak

Rocky Mountain National Park is filled with many wildlife and is know to be one of the best places to see and expericence these wildlife adventures. 
Big Horn Sheep They are famous for their large and curled horns. They weigh about 30 pounds. This animal can be seen mostly in the summer time and around the east side of Rocky Mountain Park, where they come to the roadsides and lawn to eat grass.


HummingbirdHummingbirds is one of the most seen and recognizable birds in Rocky Mountain Park.