Lake Louise is located in the heart of Banff National Park, which is on the south west side of Alberta, Canada. Lake Louise is 188km west of Calgary. The lake is fifty-seven kilometers west once you hit Banff National Park. The First non-native to see this beautiful place was Tom Wilson in 1882. With Lake Louise in the center, this area is about 600 square kilometers. In 2001 there was about 1,041 people living in the area of Lake Louise. At Lake Louise there is about 3.3m average of snow fall annually. Snow can occur anytime of the year and the temperature can drop to below -50 degrees in the winter time.


Today Lake Louise is known for its beautiful senery and is home to one of the finest downhill ski areas. Lake Louise has beautiful Galciers and waterfall to see. From Lake Louise Jasper is the nearest town, (three hours away) before you are on your way to Alaska.

wolf.jpgmountain_goat.jpgmoose.jpg big_horn_sheep.jpgelk.jpgbear_in_creek_2009.jpg

Lake Louise has some of the finest wild life to see. Bears are one of the most common animals you will find at Lake Louise. Moose, Mountain Goats, Elk, Big Horn Sheep, and Wolfs are some of the other animal you will find there.