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The Laird Hot Springs are a part of the Provincial Park System of British Columbia. Located in the Laird River Corridor, of which the springs are a focal point, it covers an area of 223,000 acres. In 1835 Robert Campbell, of the Hudson 's Bay Company, first wrote of his discovery of this amazing site in Alaska. It is one of the most popular stops along the Alaska highway. There are two pools, the Alpha and Beta, with temperatures that range between 107 ᵒ - 127ᵒF year round. The Alpha pool being closest to the parking lot it is the most popular and can be crowded at times. A walk along a boardwalk that has been installed leads first to the Alpha Pool , and then continues 1/2 mile further into the less crowded Beta pool. There are changing rooms are just steps from the water. Rumor has it that at times swimsuits have been known to be optional in the Beta pool.

Beware of bears who are just as willing as you to walk along the boardwalk.

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This is the Alpha pool with its little waterfall in the summer. This is the Beta pool in the winter.
Who can resist a the total relaxation that comes from a dip in one of these two pools? The park is open all winter long. The park now provides 53 campsites, picnic tables, toilets and drinking water or you may choose to stay at one of 2 lodges near by.

The Laird River Hot Springs are located at Historic Mile 497 now called km 765. The wooden boardwalk traverses through warm water swamp and boreal forest which support very diverse plant and animal life. This park is of national ecological significance because the fossils, old growth spruce, high population of grizzly and wood bison found here. The hot springs are different in that they do not dump into a river or a lake, but drain through the swamp system.

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