Iron Mountain, MI

Iron Mountain, Michigan, in the Upper Peninsula, was one of the places where the McCandless family traveled to. Here are some interesting facts about Iron Mountain, Michigan. It is one of the larger city in Upper Michigan. Iron Mountain city was named after the discovery of Memominee Iron Range in Upper Michigan. The City has a great variety of attractions, forests, rivers and streams, wildlife, parks, historical places, and much more. There are also many recreational activies to do, such as camping, fishing, swimming, boating, ski jumping, white water rafting, and many other activies as well.



Many people come to experience the Iron Moutian Iron Mine, where the people are able to see mine experts at work. The people ride underground trains, where the train takes them through 2600 feet of underground drifts and tunnels up to 400 feet under the earth's surface.


Pine Mountain is a great place for some thrilling action. It is know as one of the best places for Ski Jumping due to the height of the Hill, 120 meters. Every winter, in February, many Ski jumpers gather at Pine Mountain to compete. The set international record is 459 feet, 140 meter. Each year about 20,000 people attend Pine Mountain to watch Ski jumpers.

Iron Moutain City Park has nice picnic areas, where people can relax enjoy the site of deers and wilderness. The park also has many trails for hiking, biking, and in the winter time, cross-country skiing and sledding.