Gulf Of California / Sea of Cortez

The Gulf of Califorina is between the Baja California Pennisula and Mainland of Mexico. The gulf stretches over 900 miles and its depth reaches about 10,000 feet. There are many rivers that flow into the Gulf of California, which are Mayo, Fuerte, Sinaloa, Sonora, and the Yaqui Rivers. The Gulf of California contains about nine hundred islands with some islands bigger than others and the two largest islands are Angel de la Guarda and Tiburon. There hundreds of species living in the Gulf's deep ocean; whales, sea turtles, sharks, bill fish, shrimp, vaguita, and much more. The gulf is also a popular area for fishing. There has been many world class sport fishing activites held on the Gulf of California.


Manta Ray in Gulf of Califorina
Vaquita in the Gulf of California

Island Angel de la Guarda

Tiburon Island

Map of Tiburon Island and Island Angel de la Guarda