Chesapeake Beach is where Walt and Billie live. Chesapeake Beach is an upper middle class town that houses about 3,410 people in July of 2009. The Estimated household income in 2008 was around $84,659. The dream about this small town came in the late 19th Century. Around 1891 developers started building the small town, but the town wasn’t finish until 1900 when they announced the town was open on June, 9 1900. Only 28 miles from Washington, D.C a lot of people come from there to enjoy the cool breeze and the beautiful salt water beach front. People would come for day trips by train and steamboats to visit and it made Chesapeake Beach a thriving independent community from 1900 to 1930.


When visiting the east coast, Chesapeake Beach is a prime location to visit. They have beautiful Hotels and resorts you can stay in, and a train museum to die for. If you love to fish or dreamed about under water sea adventures, Chesapeake Beach is also the place to be. They have wonderful salt water fishing adventures with guides and Snorkeling and scuba diving. The famous and beautiful water park in Chesapeake Beach is one of the most visited and a must see in the area.