Animals of Alaska

Polar Bears


Wolf Cubs


To live in Alaska, these animals must be well equipt to survive in the cold. Caribou have two layers of fur, they live in one area during the summer and migrate in the winter. Another animal that is native to Alaska is the musk ox. Its fur can be up to three feet long, which is waterproof and they also have a thick layer of fat to keep warm. Another animal with a thick coat of fur is the Polar Bear. It is well adapted for swimming and is camouflaged in the white snow, which is great for sneaking up on prey. You may be asking, well what about its black nose? Well, it covers it with its paw to keep hidden. The fox adapts to winters with its color changing fur. It is brown in the summer, and slowly turns to white for the winter. The first animal that pops into your head as living in Alaska is probably the wolf. Its main dish consists of oxens, caribou, arctic horses, and also birds and squirrels.

Weasel in Alaska